About Us

After 70 years of operation, family owned-and-operated Tahoe Trout Farm has become a Tahoe tradition. Whether your kids want to catch their first fish or you simply want to have a fresh catch for the grill, this is the place to come for straightforward fishing fun. We keep two well-circulated ponds stocked with healthy rainbow trout that love to bite. Bait and tackle are supplied at no extra cost, but if you’d rather use your own tackle, feel free to bring it. No fishing license is required, and all ages can participate. We charge by the fish, depending on the length, and we can even clean the fish and pack them on ice for the journey to your grill or kitchen.

Tahoe Trout Farm was picked by TahoesBest.com, a travel and tourism site serving Lake Tahoe, for Editor’s Choice Award. We were picked for top thing to do with kids in Lake Tahoe!