How do you charge for fishing?

We charge by the fish, depending on the length, and we can even clean the fish and pack them on ice for the journey to your grill or kitchen. The price per fish starts at $10 for a 10″ fish and goes as high as $44.00 for a whopping 23″ fish.

Do I have to keep the fish I catch?

I you don’t want to take your catch home, you can either leave the fish with us and we will donate them to local charities Christmas Cheer and Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care.

Do I need to bring bait or tackle?

Bait and tackle are supplied at no extra cost, but if you’d rather use your own tackle, feel free to bring it.

Is there a limit to the amount of fish I can catch?

There are no limits the to the amount of fish one person or a family is allowed to keep. You do have to pay for what you catch.

Do I need a California fishing license?

No fishing license is required, and all ages can participate.

Can I just come and watch as a spectator?

For those who would rather watch, we have benches all around the ponds, as well as a large deck and a gorgeous view of the mountains.

Can I catch and release fish?

Once you’ve caught a fish, please do not release it back into the pond. We donate any unwanted fish to Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care so they don’t go to waste.

Do I have to use a net?

Yes! Using a net is safer for your newly-caught fish and is perfect for getting a photo with your fish!

Are kids allowed?

Tahoe Trout Farm is family-friendly! All we ask is that you please supervise your children.

Can I bring my dog/cat?

As much as we love our furry friends, dogs and cats are not allowed.

Is alcohol or smoking permitted?

No, we do not allow drinking or smoking.